Consultation overview

You are your own person and will likely have your own visions and ideas for the type of kitchen you are looking for. The design consultation visit will allow us to explore your ideas in full and come to a clear understanding of your individual requirements and needs. We will establish the specific functionality you want from your kitchen including any appliances you require. We’ll spend time discussing styling options, layout options and the kitchen accessories you desire.

Added benefit to you

One of the main benefits to you of the design program is the ability to make instant changes. This means you can change the layout, the units, the styling, the accessories and so on. Any changes are applied instantly so you can explore different options and find the kitchen design that’s perfect for you.

Kitchen quotation

Once you’ve approved the kitchen design we’ll provide you with a quotation for the supply and installation of your stylish new kitchen. At that point you’ll be given all relevant paperwork including product brochures.

We’ll then go on to order your kitchen units, appliances, fixtures and accessories as required. Once we’ve received delivery of ordered goods we’re ready to begin expertly installing your new dream kitchen.